Entry #2


2016-06-21 17:05:18 by AlbinoSquirrel

Okay, the reason why awkward idiots episode 2 is only 1/12 of the actual episode is because i dont want to complete it, im really dissapointed with myself thinking awkward idiots was original and not done before and thinking it was good, i really hope to achive goals of making great things but thats on hold for right now. im going through alot of desisions on what i want to do as a content creator but i really dont want to talk about that. im also having alot of problems with the community im in because i hurt it more than i help it and i've lost good friends because i thought i was doing somthing so cool but just pissed everyone off. i may release the finished script and audio if its ok with the oice actors but i doubt people would want to read my crappy script. i want to say sorry to the people i've pissed off and lost friendships with. i hope to improve soon.


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2016-06-21 20:16:54

Don't worry about it. Learn from it and move on. Try something new. Maybe stop motion?